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Lunch Specials

Monday thru Friday

12pm – 4pm

Penne alla Vodka                                         15.95


Rigatoni with Sicilian Meatballs    16.95

Sicilian meatballs contain currants and pignoli nuts


Gnocchi Bolognese                                    17.95

Gnocchi made right here at Emilia’s


Pasta al Forno Siciliano                        17.95

Baked pasta with eggplant, chopped beef,

tomato sauce, and pecorino romano


Lasagna                                                              17.95


Chicken Parmigiana                                16.95

Served with a side of pasta


Chicken Daniela                                          18.95

Chicken cutlet topped with roasted peppers,

Mushrooms, melted provolone,

mozzarella and a touch of marinara sauce

Served with a side of pasta


Grilled Chicken Breast

Over Caesar Salad or Arugula       18.95  


Beef Braciola                                                 17.95

Beef braciola rolled with pignoli, currants,

parmigiana, breadcrumbs & fine herbs & spices

Served with fusilli


Pork Osso Buco                                          20.95

Pork osso buco braised in our aromatic

brown chianti wine sauce served over risotto


Fried Calamari                                            16.95

Served over a crisp salad with a side of marinara sauce


Mussels Fra Diavolo over Linguini         17.95


Grilled Salmon over Arugula                    22.95



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